Soul Intelligence, Spiritual Development and Intuitive Ways of Knowing:

A Self-help Manual for Assessing, Enhancing, Implementing and Evaluating Spiritual Development

Progressive Flow of this Self-help Book

Using a transpersonal psychological context, this book, aided by self-analysis charts, takes you from:
Conceptual Understanding:

CONCEPTS and BELIEFS about self and spirituality using AWARENESS and ATTITUDE as territories for conceptualization to:

Deeper Understanding:

about self and spirituality using CONTEMPLATION and EVALUATION where your challenge is to determine if the concept is plausible, correct, false, true or something else to:

Exploring, Accessing & Comparing:

your (past) experiences to those in this manual to:

Experiential Understanding:

using tests to determine your areas of strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, best personal strategies to adopt to:

Enhancing Transpersonal Abilities and Skills:

Gaining competence and confidence in identifying, evaluating, and implementing inherent transpersonal abilities & CHARTING PROGRESS to:

Evaluating Effects and Monitoring Results to Enhance Self Realization:

CONGRATULATIONS! You no longer are a passive viewer, you are now harnessing transpersonal intelligence and guidance by integrating mental and soul intelligence.

Adults’ Biographical Accounts of Spiritual Development:

A Transpersonal Psychological Study of the Significance and Effects of Spiritual Experiences and Beliefs.

This book is Donna’s PhD research study that addressed: “While the majority of people believe that we, as human beings, are mind, body, and soul; and the majority believe in spirituality, paradoxically for many its presence is not felt and thus peoples’ sense of identity, of self is incomplete. The BIG question is why? Why does this paradox exist that people believe in, yet lack a felt experience of spirituality?


This book is useful not only to professionals and practitioners in mental health, counselling, and education, but also anyone interested in understanding spiritual development from a holistic psychological view.


Donna has written several TIP SHEETS relating to Transpersonal Psychology. They show the logo for the Transpersonal Psychology Interest Group (TPIG) of the Australian Psychological Society. Donna wrote several of these tip sheets when she was convenor of the TPIG.