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Clinical Counsellor, Hypnotherapist,
Trainer & Educator

Dr. Donna Golding

PhD, Registered Clinical Counsellor

“Donna, you have helped us so much more than you could know. We wish you all the best for your move to Canada. You will be missed.”

- S & P, Melbourne Australia

“Thanks, I received the book (Art of Dying). And thank you for your lovely comment, “Thanks for your helping me to see the world differently”. I would be honoured if you would like to use my comment. It was certainly heartfelt.

- J., Melbourne Australia

“Dr. Donna Golding has been an instrumental figure in my growth and healing journey over the last 4 years. I have seen her for 2 x 1 year periods in this time where her unique ability to weave practical tools, scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom in her counselling sessions, has not only lifted me out of some of the most challenging times in my life, but has enabled me to step into a thriving life! I cannot thank Donna enough for her kindness, generosity, support and guidance in these times and I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to change their life for the better by gaining a holistic understanding of life, and the tools required for overcoming life’s challenges and opening to its’ opportunities. Thanks again Donna, you are a true guiding light, and Canada is lucky to have you!”

- Paula, Melbourne, Australia

“I feel most grateful to have found and been counselled by Donna; rare wisdom and guidance of a psychologist that is often difficult or seemingly impossible to find! Whilst I consider myself a person of sound rational thinking and what most would consider a fairly high-level of resilience and success, I was not equipped for the trauma and challenge of my husband's mid-life mental breakdown, complete with unfamiliar and frightening hostility, suicidal degeneration and total communication breakdown; all whilst parenting two young children and trying to look after myself too. Donna not only counselled me through my own grief, consequential grave doubts and personal confusion about my life's path, but also provided incredible insight and foresight into the behaviour and illness my husband was experiencing.”

- E., Melbourne Australia

  • “The lessening of the feeling that I am somehow ‘odd’ or ‘different’, a good feeling of acceptance, the complete lack of judgementalism”
  • “That there are intelligent and educated people who take this side of life seriously”
  • “We vary in which types of experiences we seem to almost specialise in. This was an important aspect for me. We each seem to be sensitive to the spiritual world in different ways. Some experiences described were very foreign to me, while some seemed almost commonplace.”
  • “The opportunity to listen and talk to others about transpersonal experiences and to have these ideas taken seriously without being met with cynicism”
  • - Feedback from students of “The Psychology of Spirituality” seminars

    What is Transpersonal Psychology?

    Transpersonal Psychology is a progressive field of study emerging from earlier branches of psychology including psychodynamic, behaviourism, humanistic, phenomenological and cognitive psychology that incorporates spiritual dimensions of experience in the scientific study of human beings. Transpersonal psychology focuses mainly on mind, expanded states of consciousness and human potential. Research into transpersonal states of consciousness provides new psychological theories on perception, self-identity and ways of knowing.

    Mission Statement

    Golding Transpersonal Counselling & Education is dedicated to excellence in counselling, training, supervision and research in psychology and transpersonal development – enhancing knowledge, understanding and skills for all who desire to benefit, either personally and/or professionally. We strive to be expert in the field of Transpersonal Psychology through ongoing research and development of transpersonal programs, books and other resources.

    My Commitment

    Golding Transpersonal Counselling & Education is dedicated to excellence in holistic counselling for clients who are affected by mind, body, soul or spiritual difficulties AND for clients who seek personal expert assistance to advance their holistic skills and development. My commitment is to assist clients to achieve their goals including those ranging from repair-oriented goals through to higher self-development. Thus I accept clients who wish to work through past or current problems/issues and those who wish to find new ways toward higher personal and professional development.

    Clients need not necessarily be looking for therapy that is repair-oriented; rather, they may be looking for inspiration, coaching or transpersonal means of higher personal development.Referrals from GPs, medical or other practitioners are not necessary; anyone may book an appointment with me as a private client. Clients may request counselling, hypnotherapy or transpersonal hypnotherapy.